Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC Review

1.6 liter engine in an SUV is a really good idea. Honda inducing said as they voted then you small diesel engine to that by setting CRV range. But before we get into that the case when you 2 was made to see AVI something of a success story for Honda as cover a few the basics. The fourth generation CR-V is a handsome based lubricant Franco and chunky we don’t extensions. Inside you find quality men’s. The next image would just. Well the controls all well laid out and simple to use. It’s incredibly practical tea with an array of cubby holes dotted around the cabin. Pulls for your phone iPod. Decent opens with space for water bottles and other goodies. And a favorite in touch sunglasses hold it doubles up as a Marissa parents can keep an eye on armed with your children.

Honda CR-VSpeaking of backseat passengers should be fairly comfy pet where as owner of menace to do away with the transmission tunnel to create a flat floor. Weather was really clever about the receipts his way they fold. I believe in the boots and a seat by slips up headrest talks and the seatbacks fold for all in one swift movement. With this eating place is 518 only to the space available. But with the seats folded that rises to 1648 leases. So now let’s talk about the engine from his 1.6 liters it develops a muddy sounding 19 by hosta more useful though is its 300 new means of toll. One thing to bear in mind there is in the 1.6 is only available with 2 wheel drive the petition the extra food drive away under say to an 16 kilograms in weight. The result is a sea of it pays no Rotax in his first year in any 30 pounds a year after that. Officially it’s capable of up to 62.a and during our time with it we every strand 55. Info about Honda CR-V headlights read at link

It was a book on the moon. Well it’s surprisingly pokey there is some lag below 2000 RPM and this perhaps a little too much diesel clatter Angelina Kevin idol who was up to speed as quickly dies down. Move. The kit box is a beautifully slick shift action once he reached cruising speed or becomes very refined. In normal driving it’s taught was as a more than often at the sea of the ticket. Traffic a smaller capacity really any becoming evident. He pushes the answer which is the Rev range. Surprisingly comfortable at a high speed trees in the court Kevin makes you feel calm and refined. Suspension cloning goes about his job was smoothing out imperfections too innocently as tears relaxed nature.

In fact we say this not to feel short changed about verses the longitude. To. That said some drivers will be unwilling to buy an SUV that isn’t full will drive that would have like to seen it made available at least as an option. Not only does it provide all weather traction and a sense of security with some of the engines talk distributed to the rear wheels feel so distant money Prue’s. We also found it relatively easy to overwhelm the tragic intro and damp surfaces in lake is something that’s unlikely to happen in the food drive models. So if 2 drivers realistically all you need doesn’t make them useful diesel CLV the pick the range. We think so. Perhaps a surprising statement for an SUV with a lonely 1.6 liters. But then this is an engine that punches well above its weight.

1998 Chrysler Grand Voyager LE vs Renault Espace Review

Jeremy Clarkson who you might have heard of one said that he’d rather have a vasectomy than an MPV well a year ago I face the same choice 7. Here I am behind the wheel of my own the cries la grand Voyager alley plenty of space from expanding family I’m the waiting to. But. A year later was it’s a sound investment. And how does it compare with one of the newer kids on the block this the latest incarnation of the red and white spots. Faced with the realizing my 2 seater sports car days will hold while it’s the little ankle biters grow up.

Chrysler Grand Voyager A key issue of selecting an MPV with any sort of street cred have to be addressed. The Voyager when it because it appeared Madani DeVito movie or black tinted windows. She looked lean. Yes I. Andy. Now we didn’t go for the tinted window option on the basis that the British weather has the same building effect so why pay the 0 pound extra meanwhile at the front it does have a rather nice sleek look of menace which tends to give me a bit of self confidence when I’m driving around in. As to a glorified shopping trolley. This bus on the other hand. As a mild among a division of the Voyager styling at the front butts from the side well it looks blue locally like the old ran a response to my way of thinking. And look at this. I’ll toward opening side doors. Quaint in comparison to the sliding blinding side doors on both sides of the Voyager now it’s a lot easier to get Grammy the shopping and the kids out of this. Now the grand Voyager is very long at just over 5 meters. And here’s the proof this is where I blocked it into a post just a couple of weeks after taking delivery.

It’s also why you did in the S. bass which it really doesn’t need to be because the space inside both these models is verging on the evidence. They both seats 7 people and they both perform their own excellent visions of musical chairs. I So the interior experience well there is different as American apple pie and French camembert for instance here in the US plus the driver’s position makes it feel like I’m somewhere in the middle of the vehicle you almost have to hitch a ride to get to the windscreen and as a result the rear view mirror I think is too far away and the field of view is too narrow but a big plus over the Voyager and these 2 enormous skylights and LED Voyager headlights, complete with their own net curtain arrangement.

Trey chic Also French styling calls full of vertically upholstered Daksh. Which I must say it’s a bit of getting used to but because it’s made of fabric. Things do clinging to it a lot better when it’s going around corners and there is a because of space to put things on I have to say down here is the largest glove box I’ve ever seen in my life. The driver’s seat in the voyage on the other hand feels like it’s where it should be at the front of the car within smearing distance of the windscreen and it has tremendous visibility both through the rear view mirror that on the side mirrors which I have a tremendous trick there’s a switch on the steering column here which makes them.

So he can squeeze through narrow again. Meanwhile the information on the Xbox dosh is truly futuristic a veritable shouts the details that you and all the fabulous dayglo orange but the switches for all the controls are a bit fussy and fiddly although they are at least easy to get. Whereas the switches on the Voyager all simply to operate that functions a clearer but that dotted around all over the place so that you really have to reach to do things like switch on the rear windscreen wiper or operate the radio the big plus of the Voyager is that it comes fully loaded astounded at conditioning of course as it has been an American concert but for 2 years cruise control too which really does help to lighten the load even off stop go motorways. Electrically adjustable seats.

I’m side mirrors. And of course another American essential somewhere to put your ice cold soda can look at this. Hollywood style vanity mirrors complete with spotlights to really show up this beautiful blemishes. Another good practical feature is that the rear side vents can be operated electrically from up here in the front and that’s missing in their spouse. Also up here place to put your sunglasses and so my for your carriage remote control. The diesel espouse also has a computer. Which for some bizarre reason doesn’t tell you anything apart from the distance you’ve traveled the least you can operate it from the store go over here in fact most of the controls are on the storks which is extremely handy all from this nearby Star Trek controlled comfort called which does things like the heating and the Ambler direction. Even the radio volume on station selection can be done without your hands leaving the wheel there’s even a remote control for the passenger to. So what do they actually like to drive. Well we’re not really comparing like with like here for instance this is the 5 speed manual 2.2 liter turbo diesel expanse. What’s this is the beefy 3.3 liter V6 petrol driven full speed automatic transmission of Voyager. Can you hear that when it’s idling this past the sunlight was a Massey Ferguson truck to somewhere close by but not soon disappears as you set off.

That is 2.2 liter engine has plenty of Polk said that you not gonna be too embarrassed at the traffic lights and a cruise is really comfortably at the top speeds that the great thing about MPVs is that the good ones are very relaxing to drive and this is no exception. Because it has a diesel engine you getting a reasonable fuel economy to something like 35 MPG for combined urban and rural geeks. Whereas the voyage of the 6 is a bit on the safety side look at this or any getting an average economy of 18.8 miles per gallon having said that the engine has plenty of Polk especially from a standing start and it confuses many had to pay driver from the lights you think there’s not gonna be a contest. The engine is also extremely quiet all the way through which means that you can hear the kids screaming in the back all that more clearly. The 2 cars are similarly priced not surprisingly from anything between about 20000 pounds up to 26000 pounds. It’s a lot of money but they are both a lot of Mota in every sense. In terms of value for money I still prefer the highly spectrum wager over this past but the house you expect me to say that since I’ve already shelled out the akas for it and to get my street cred back I suppose I could always sell it swap it for a nice old to see to M. G. is something I’m takeout Jeremy Clarkson’s. Cheaper option.


Hey guys the regulation today I’m gonna show you how to switch out your old dirty and cracked headlights from this to this. So if you have 4 headlights like mine they’re probably foggy dirty and possibly cracked or if you are also like me he may have hit a deer so I think it’s time to replace these 2015 mustang headlights. It’s a lot easier than you think. You only need a socket wrench. An open and He’s out.
2015 mustang headlights
So after you open up the hood just pull back this flap and you’ll see the knots you’ll need to remove so that you can slide your headlights out the first not to remove is the side marker not. And you’re going to use an 11 millimeters socket. And to remove the headlight this is where you’ll need an open ended wrench. You’re actually going to use the other side of the ranch you’re just actually slide it right over the top and it will depress the tabs on this bolt and then the headlight will slide right out. So after the side marker not is out he just pulled this straight out and if you like to like mine they’re probably brittle and not crack 2015 Mustang headlights. But that’s alright because we’re replacing.

Next thing you do is just twist out your light bulb and that’s it. And now to pull the 2015 mustang headlights out you’ll need to pull this clip right here with the players and then use your open ended wrench and put it right over these polls. And then you’ll be able to pull the headlight straight out. You make sure you have the rights. Branch. Nice and tight around that bolt clip than the headlight will come out a lot easier.

Then once you get it out all you have to do is disconnect the ball. So here the old ones and the new ones. This headlights at our became one bulbs in them. It’s all I have to do is put it in. The first order. And then makes you install this had like clip. I Now it’s time for the side marker all you have to do is screw in the bulb and then slide it straight in. And then just use that same 11 millimeters socket and put that not on. And then after you do the other side you are done and that’s all it takes to replace your headlights. So I hope this video helped you out makes you check out my channel unsubscribe because I that big playlists for repairs for your 1994 to 2015 Ford Mustang. That’s watching and I’ll see you later.

2011 Dodge Durango Test Drive & Car Review

2011 Dodge DurangoToday I’m gonna be doing a review of  the newly designed 2011 Dodge Durango. It’s an interesting looking vehicle let’s go take a look at our act and. Let’s talk about the design of the interior nter you delegate. Understated all the materials are high quality that fit finish is excellent everything is in the right spot there’s a lot of amenities for . It wasn’t for families it’s got a great touch screen entertainment system that dubs as a back up. Which is a good feature to have especially for a larger vehicle. It’s great for pull it out of the sonic parking lot. Mmhm. Dodge Durango is. Readings well for now. Family and. A great convenience features the new to. His remote. Axis of. Trump. Their seating for 7 with still ample room in the.

The groceries. Back seats in Mason. The second row. Pulls up. Z. access to. Third row. Third row. A prize in the very top. Use a gratuitous plug for coca Cola. 10. Cup holders. And all on this vehicle. That’s convenience I’m interrupting this review of the Dodge Durango to announce that spring has sprung look at that great greenery behind me you gotta love that. I. So let’s talk about what’s really important that’s driving the Dodge Durango has been restyled it’s actually less of a truck feel than it used to be to quite competent ride it’s very comfortable.

It’s it feels sturdy it’s got good power. It’s not gonna win any races in this car. And it’s not the most nimble ride but. For showing the kids around 4.from stop beta stop being with here and people.. Confident. Double. We. People. Another on his daughter of you. I probably should take a look at the Dodge Durango. Next time.


DODGE AVENGERThe two-door car in the coupe called the Dodge Avenger first appeared on the market in 1995. The car came to replace the Dodge Daytona model, which production was ceased in 1993. Avenger came with a 2- or 2.5-liter engine.

In 1999, the car has received the ABS system. The model was discontinued in 2000. Its successor became cars Dodge Stratus, which is also available in a coupe body. The first demonstration of the new car Dodge Avenger was held at the Paris Motor Show in 2006. In sale model arrived in February 2007. The technical part of the machine is similar to the Chrysler Sebring.

Avenger uses the same platform, powertrains and suspension settings. But the appearance of the car is different. Design for Dodge Avenger is developed by Ryan Christopher Negoud. Changes in the vehicle exterior have been conducted in 2008 and 2010. After the last restyling of the car received not only a new look and 2013 ram 1500 headlights, but the interior as well as recustomized suspension.

In America, the new Dodge Avenger is sold with 283-hp and 173-hp engines. Both versions of the car are equipped with six-speed automatic transmission.

Where is it better to sell the car.

sell carSelling a car, some people believe that the best is to put a price higher, and then make a significant discount, but discounts are perceived by customers as an attempt to get rid of the car. It is better to put the real value and make a symbolic discount.

To date, the most common and the right tool for the sale of the car is the Internet, because it eliminates the need to expend energy on the search for a buyer, and you can find a resource where the ads are free of charge. As a rule, you attach photos to the announcement on the Internet. And photo from a mobile phone is not the best option (dull, little information, distort the proportions).

It is better to shoot by high-quality camera, at a distance of not less than the length of your car, on the background of a large asphalt playground. Salon should be photograph without flash, if it is possible. It is best of all, if the ratio of interior and exterior photos will be equal.

8 simple rules that will help extend the life of the car.

According to recent studies, more and more people do not change the car for 10 years.
So how do you extend the life of the purchased cars? Here are the basic rules.

life of the car

  1. Serves respectively with standards and regulations specified by the manufacturer.
  2. Keep an eye on the oil level and change it in a timely manner.
  3. Do not forget about the control of liquids level.
  4. Always keep the tires inflated and sometimes change their positions.
  5. Do miss appearing problems.
  6. Take care of your car.
  7. Try to solve as many cases per one trip.
  8. Drive the car a little calmer.

Stop transported unnecessary things in the boot! This will help save fuel and eliminate optional load on the car.
Adhering to these simple rules in everyday life, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of unpleasant surprises related to your car. As a result, you get a long and efficient operation of all systems of the body of the car.