Where is it better to sell the car.

sell carSelling a car, some people believe that the best is to put a price higher, and then make a significant discount, but discounts are perceived by customers as an attempt to get rid of the car. It is better to put the real value and make a symbolic discount.

To date, the most common and the right tool for the sale of the car is the Internet, because it eliminates the need to expend energy on the search for a buyer, and you can find a resource where the ads are free of charge. As a rule, you attach photos to the announcement on the Internet. And photo from a mobile phone is not the best option (dull, little information, distort the proportions).

It is better to shoot by high-quality camera, at a distance of not less than the length of your car, on the background of a large asphalt playground. Salon should be photograph without flash, if it is possible. It is best of all, if the ratio of interior and exterior photos will be equal.