2011 Dodge Durango Test Drive & Car Review

2011 Dodge DurangoToday I’m gonna be doing a review of  the newly designed 2011 Dodge Durango. It’s an interesting looking vehicle let’s go take a look at our act and. Let’s talk about the design of the interior nter you delegate. Understated all the materials are high quality that fit finish is excellent everything is in the right spot there’s a lot of amenities for . It wasn’t for families it’s got a great touch screen entertainment system that dubs as a back up. Which is a good feature to have especially for a larger vehicle. It’s great for pull it out of the sonic parking lot. Mmhm. Dodge Durango is. Readings well for now. Family and. A great convenience features the new to. His remote. Axis of. Trump. Their seating for 7 with still ample room in the.

The groceries. Back seats in Mason. The second row. Pulls up. Z. access to. Third row. Third row. A prize in the very top. Use a gratuitous plug for coca Cola. 10. Cup holders. And all on this vehicle. That’s convenience I’m interrupting this review of the Dodge Durango to announce that spring has sprung look at that great greenery behind me you gotta love that. I. So let’s talk about what’s really important that’s driving the Dodge Durango has been restyled it’s actually less of a truck feel than it used to be to quite competent ride it’s very comfortable.

It’s it feels sturdy it’s got good power. It’s not gonna win any races in this car. And it’s not the most nimble ride but. For showing the kids around 4.from stop beta stop being with here and people.. Confident. Double. We. People. Another on his daughter of you. I probably should take a look at the Dodge Durango. Next time.