Hey guys the regulation today I’m gonna show you how to switch out your old dirty and cracked headlights from this to this. So if you have 4 headlights like mine they’re probably foggy dirty and possibly cracked or if you are also like me he may have hit a deer so I think it’s time to replace these 2015 mustang headlights. It’s a lot easier than you think. You only need a socket wrench. An open and He’s out.
2015 mustang headlights
So after you open up the hood just pull back this flap and you’ll see the knots you’ll need to remove so that you can slide your headlights out the first not to remove is the side marker not. And you’re going to use an 11 millimeters socket. And to remove the headlight this is where you’ll need an open ended wrench. You’re actually going to use the other side of the ranch you’re just actually slide it right over the top and it will depress the tabs on this bolt and then the headlight will slide right out. So after the side marker not is out he just pulled this straight out and if you like to like mine they’re probably brittle and not crack 2015 Mustang headlights. But that’s alright because we’re replacing.

Next thing you do is just twist out your light bulb and that’s it. And now to pull the 2015 mustang headlights out you’ll need to pull this clip right here with the players and then use your open ended wrench and put it right over these polls. And then you’ll be able to pull the headlight straight out. You make sure you have the rights. Branch. Nice and tight around that bolt clip than the headlight will come out a lot easier.

Then once you get it out all you have to do is disconnect the ball. So here the old ones and the new ones. This headlights at our became one bulbs in them. It’s all I have to do is put it in. The first order. And then makes you install this had like clip. I Now it’s time for the side marker all you have to do is screw in the bulb and then slide it straight in. And then just use that same 11 millimeters socket and put that not on. And then after you do the other side you are done and that’s all it takes to replace your headlights. So I hope this video helped you out makes you check out my channel unsubscribe because I that big playlists for repairs for your 1994 to 2015 Ford Mustang. That’s watching and I’ll see you later.